Organon - the magnum opus of homeopathic practice

Автор: Dr. Kishore Mehta

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Издател Хеликон
Година на издаване 2018
Език български
Формат PDF
ISBN 9789542984511
Баркод 9789542984511
Категории Медицина на чужди езици, Медицина, Е-книги

Dr. Kishore N. Mehta has a vast clinical experience in Homeopathy for the last 40 years. He has been teaching Homeopathic subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students for the last 35 years.

He is rightly called in the Homeopathic world in India as Teacher of Teachers.

In his words: I have read this book innumerable times. Whenever I was stuck up in any case, I referred to the “Organon of Medicine“, which enlightened me and showed me the right direction. “Organon of Medicine“ for him is like the Bible, Bhagwat Geeta and Quran Sharif. He confidently tells his students to refer to the “Organon“ whenever they are not successful in the management of the case.

This book, he says, is a result of inspiration from his colleagues and students.

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