Glimpses of the history of Bulgaria

Автор: Galin Jordanov

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Издател Веси
Брой страници 64
Година на издаване 2005
Корици твърди
Език английски
Тегло 440 грама
Размери 28x21
ISBN 9548981637
Баркод 9548981637
Категории Книги за България, Книги

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Доставка: не е в наличност

Цена: 25.00 лв.

"A yet too rare example of a balanced approach towards the Bulgarian past is what you will come upon in this book... You might not share the opinion of what has been laid out here; you might find the events and their explanation well-known or queer - anyway, it is worth reading it."
ANDREY PANTEV, professor of history

The CD included contains photographic material taken from historical places throughout the country, plus a Bulgarian-English and an English-Bulgarian dictionary.

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An economist by education, a polyglot by vocation, Galin Jordanov (42) now reveals himself as a historian by inspiration. During the past 15 years he has translated from foreign languages into Bulgarian over 30 books and has worked as an editor-in-chief for a couple of publishing houses. A declared patriot and a vowed champion of modern Bulgarian nationalism, the author offers his standpoint on historical matters that still bear some traces of obscurity...