Luxury Hotels: Beach Resorts

Автор: Martin Nicholas Kunz

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Издател teNeues
Корици твърди
Език английски
Тегло 2274 грама
Размери 32x26
Категории Архитектура. Дизайн. Интериор, Изкуство, Книги

Distinguished by masterly architecture and exemplary interior design, the beach hotels introduced in the pages of this lavishly illustrated coffee-table book are the ultimate refuge for those needing respite from their hectic lives and every-day routines. Whether well-established names or hidden gems, the reader is presented with a visual tour of ocean side resorts that range across continents and around the world-luxurious places where tastefulness and simplicity are often valued over richly decorated formality.

Martin Kunz writes six Trendcity Guides per year for the architecture and design magazine Atrium and has edited several books in teNeues' architecture and design (and:guide) and Cool Restaurants series.

* Sumptuously illustrated full color profiles of beach hotels ranging across continents and around the world that offer the best in style, service, and design
* The newest in teNeues' series of beautifully produced coffee-table books on the most luxurious hotels in the world

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