Rites of Life

Автор: Anders Ryman

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Издател Taschen
Брой страници 560
Корици твърди
Език английски
Тегло 2049 грама
Размери 26x18
ISBN 9783836518673
Баркод 9783836518673
Категории Фотография, Изкуство, Книги

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Доставка: 3 дни

Цена: 39.95 лв.

From birth to death and beyond

This book depicts people at some of the most emotional moments of their lives. For more than seven years Anders Ryman traveled the world documenting life cycle rituals. The result is a book that in intimate and stunning pictures portrays more than thirty rituals from all parts of the globe.
The rites range from the blessing of the newborn in a small village in Spain to a girl's initiation into womanhood among the Apaches of Arizona; from the Xhosa male initiation ceremony in South Africa to the communion with the dead during Todos Santos in Bolivia; from a woman's first childbirth in Palau to the wedding ceremonies in the Shinto shrines of Tokyo.
This book is about the journey through life, about cultural diversity and what unites us all as human beings.

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About Anders

A Swedish photographer and writer, Anders Ryman specialises in people, travel and ethnic cultures. In the early eighties, when he was pursuing post-graduate studies in cultural anthropology, he spent a year doing anthropological fieldwork on the Samoa Islands in Polynesia. After returning to Sweden, he decided to dedicate himself to photojournalism, at first focusing on the South Pacific region, but later, working worldwide.

Anders' photographs and illustrated articles have been published by many magazines all over the world, including Airone, Animan, Conde Nast Traveler, GEO, Illustreret Videnskab, Islands, National Geographic Nordic, Terre Sauvage, The Earth and the UK's Sunday Times Magazine.

In 1998 his book, Pacific Islands: Peoples and Cultures of the South Pacific, was published in Sweden, while in January 1999 the National Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm hosted the first of his photographic exhibitions with images from the book.

Anders regularly works on assignments for various clients but also pursues projects of his own. Presently he is working on a project about the human life cycle, work that is taking him to many different countries and cultures around the world.