Thrace. The complete guide to the Tracian civilization

Автор: Kirk Kirchev
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Брой страници 284
Година на издаване 2023
Корици твърди
Език английски
Тегло 1190 грама
Размери 22x28
ISBN 9798871653593
Баркод 9798871653593
Категории История на чужди езици, История, Книги

For centuries, they were the most populous and richest kingdoms of Europe, they were the world’s first goldsmiths, they named Evros - the first name of Europe, they buried the richest gold treasures of the time. They traded with the Far East, and even challenged the Roman Empire.
Today, they are almost unheard of. Their art & treasures scattered in provincial collections, their history buried under millennia of conquests.

Here - their legacy is recorded in one place.
The complete guide to the Thracian civilization

Large size, Hard cover, With more than 300 colour illustrations and covering every aspect of this culture this is the most comprehensive and structured collection of this ancient culture. A first of its kind.
For the first time - within one large volume - the cities, the full list of kings, the tombs, the treasures, the heroes - Spartacus, Orpheus, the gods, myths and cults, the war campaigns, the language and culture, the architecture, fashion and even tattoos… with excellent colour photography, maps and graphics.

Follow the incredible stories of war, conquests and priceless artefacts. Who created the worlds first gold treasures, who spearheaded the invasion of Britain, did the ancients use nanotechnology, were these people descendants of the Greek gods, what happened to the richest kingdoms of Europe, explore the maps of tombs and treasures, learn where the name Europe comes from, were there really man eating horses? and many more curiosities - never before been told of this rich ancient culture.

от Kirk Kirchev / дата: 12 мар 2024

На английски е

Най целокупния и представителен сборник на тракийската култура.
Коренът на нашата цивилизация
Голям формат, твърда корица, стотици цветни илюстрации

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